The Marble Trout Monitoring

I’m either foolishly stubborn, downright stupid, crazy or suicidal. After seeing the dangerous gorge months ago and surviving it just short of breaking my neck I didn’t hesitate to go out again. Here are some of the not so good photos that I can publish (the good ones are copeting for a place in the magazine and are restricted). This time, I came prepared. Suited up in highly protective boots and neoprene waders for stability and protection from water, I joined an international team of scientists and fishermen to take on the second of three difficult gorges in the monitoring of the marble trout. This time, it wasn’t as dangerous, but it was difficult. Steep slopes, long ascends with huge incline, no path in places and fallen trees. I had to watch my knees not kicking me in the face. 😀 I cursed my health for stopping me from hiking in the second part of August when I started training for this.

When we got down there (amazingly fast, it seemed – or am I just under the impression of the other gorge?), we were greeted by swarms of mosquitoes. It felt like a jungle, it was as humid and as dark. Fortunately, this gorge doesn’t have as many natural barriers (=waterfalls and rocks) as the previous one, so we didn’t have to climb the steep slopes around the stream. That part was easy apart from some Houdini-style spine bending to get around fallen trees. And at times I was so thirsty I’d lick the water out of Bush’s diarrhea… Oh,  I’m sorry if I grossed you out. I shouldn’t have used Bush… 😀

Hiking back up was pretty hard. Well, what did I expect? How do you climb such steep slopes with only one strong leg? Not easy. I kissed the floor on top, decided to help the poor, eat healthy (I’ll start tomorrow 😀 ), and do the Earl-thing (wow, that’s gonna be a long list…) 😀 I drank about two litres of juice, which was stupid I guess. Not because in neoprene waders you can’t really pull your johnson out to piss wherever you like, but because the roads in Baška grapa (The Bača Gorge) are not only snaking but are snaking like a snake in cramps. Lovely for inspecting what you’ve eaten in the last few hours, but luckily I didn’t get to see a sample. 😀

One down, two to go. I’m not doing all the streams and not because I wouldn’t be able to. I’m stubborn enough to be all in pain and still crawl with my camera between my teeth if I had to. Just a small info: I’ve been running around for a month, in France, medieval events and now gorges, with what I suspect is a torn ligament or a cracked bone in my left toe and that doesn’t stop me. In fact, yes it hurts a bit, but I can’t go to the doctor for at least two months. Just can’t stop – too much to do. 😀 So I guess, I’ve answered the initial dillema. I’m stupid. 😀

And in case you’re wondering why the photos are B&W. Just wanted to see how much they remind me of Michael Nichols’ Megatransect 😀


3 thoughts on “The Marble Trout Monitoring

  1. Vidim, da si se spet igral v blatu 😀 😀 😀 . Po slikah sodeč mi zgleda dost nevarno tole, mal pazi nase in na fotoaparat, da ga ne boš spet učil plavat 😀 😀 😀 oz. ga bodo bolj ribice 😀 😀 😀 . Aja, a tisto ribico na predzadnji fotki ste mel pa potem za večerjo, vsaj tako je po fotki sodeč, ker je tko lepo prštimana. 😀 😀 😀 Hec, hec … vidim da si imel zelo pester dan in hvala bogu, da si prišel cel domov.


  2. Jaaaa, itak! Ena od sedmih še živečih populacij IZUMIRAJOČE soške postrvi in mi smo si eno kar spekli. 😀 Pa še na gregat smo jih lovili. 😀
    Pester dan, to pa res. 😀 Še dvakrat moram cel priti domov, a baje so ostale grape manj zahtevne. Če sem preživel najtežjo in najnevarnejšo od treh ta težkih, … 😀 Mogoče pa celo preživim 😀

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