A Hellish Weekend Spiked With Great Moments

Ok, so here goes. Saturday, 11:00: I’m in Celje (107 km away from my home town) and until six o’clock in the afternoon I’m documenting the medieval event, all those nerve wrecking disobedient and all-round crazy kids running around with swords and stuff. I also did two interviews and at 18:00 the show kicks off. I’m done at about 21:00 when I get into my car and drive 197 km to the seaside to Portorose for a wedding party. A wedding I obviously missed, but I wanted to be there for my friends’ wedding, so I got there, changing my clothes on the rest stops on the highway…. I got home from that party at 4:00 in the morning, got myself ready for Sunday and went to sleep at 5:30. Got up at about 7:00 to drive some 10 km to cover the first fishing competition, then picked up Nina, and drove to Radovljica (hm… what… some 25-30 km) to cover the second fishing competition and then I had an hour to get to Predjama Castle (about a hundred km from there) to cover another medieval event.

Celje: I thought I’d earn some money, so I begged a bit… No biggie.

Fishing competition #1

Fishing competition #2

And here’s what I call a freaky suicide. As you know from your history lessons, Erazem of Predjama, living in the Predjama Castle, was killed by a canon ball while taking a dump. Yes, on the toilet. Check this out: Here’s Erazem actually enacting that. Shooting the canon towards the toilet in his castle. Nice, ha. Try to get the authenticity freaks of medieval events to grasp that!

But a lot of great stuff happened as well. Oh, a lot of amazing NGM photos, too, but there’s more. The first amazing mment is the fact, that I was contacted by E-Magazine (USA) and will have one of my ecological photos published in the autumn issue of the magazine. And then came monday…

Imagine your best friend moving accross the ocean for six months. And then deciding she’ll stay there for another three years. And then she decides to do some moving over there and tells you, she’ll send some stuff home and you need to pick it up at the airport. Yeah, great, but she forgot to mention she’s bringing that stuff herself! I guess the first time I was happy to be fooled like that. And I wasn’t alone. Her family as well. Can’t imagine what it was like for them, when they saw her… 😀

Well, you now how they say. Good photos: 40 EUR for gas. Photo in E-Magazine: Lots of effort. An unexpected reunion: Priceless. 😀

Now I’m off to Perpignan for Visa pour L’Image. This time without the e-version of my portfolio, thanks to the stupidity around Apple’s software.


3 thoughts on “A Hellish Weekend Spiked With Great Moments

  1. Hm … ja tuki sva pa mela naspidirana dva dneva oz. si to bolj imel ti. Sej je bilo čudn, da si sploh še stal pokonci, je pa res, da tokrat ne zarad pijače ampak zaradi pomanjkanja spanca, čestitam srček. Sam ne mi prevečkrat hodit v ekstreme, ker te želim imet še dolgo časa ob sebi. Ja? Sva zmenjena? Obljubiš? Če te bom jst ganjala čez celo Slovenijo in nazaj. 😀 😀 😀

    Ta prva fotografije je ful ful dobra, človeka res spravi v smeh.


  2. Saj, vesela bodi, da nisi videla, ko sem za 15 minut zaspal za volanom na avtocesti 😀 😀

    Joj, kako se lahko smeješ ob nesreči drugih 😀 😀 😀 Klošar je pač bogi. 😀

    Hvala, tepka ***

  3. A pa si ti zihr, da za 15 minut. Nekam prehitro sva bila v Predjami, tako da mi je tole mal sumljivo. Čak, a si ti zihr, da tvoj avto ni živ? 😀 😀 😀 😀

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