The Cat

Thought I’d keep this blog alive while nothing much is happening, so I’m cleaning up the archives. Those “best of” images will serve me well as fillers. 😀 Btw: I’ll be pretty absent these days. Going to Visa pour L’Image in Perpignan, then risking my life in those gorges… If I come out alive, I’ll be able to breathe again somewhere in the second half of September. 😀


4 thoughts on “The Cat

  1. Iiiiiiii … mucika, kera luštna. Se je to tista fotka k si zmagov z njo na foto natečaju … hm … se mi zdi, da je blo to v Škofje loki. **** Zame pa itak veš, da obožujem mucke. ****

  2. Madonca! Hvala, Aleš!
    Pa kako mimogrede je bila fotka narejena 😀 No saj je vedno tako, da najboljše stvari nastanejo, ko jih ne planiraš 😀

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