It’s The End of The World As We Know It

I’ve been busy these days fighting a virus, getting high on drugs, trying to get some sleep. And just like our bodies heal, our planet is doing the same and we’re on the front line. I guess we’re the virus in this story, because these tornadic, high-wind hale storms we get about every 7 days are wiping out crops. Big storm, small country … well, you can imagine how much is left. Nature is trying to starve us to death. Yeah, it is possible, when food prices are going sky high. 😀 Fortunately, I’m low maintainance.

So we roll down the blinds and watch through a small opening, out from our shells. Kind of what I’m doing lately. Nothing else to do, I guess. I was supposed to do a lot of physical preparations for the September feature, but this medical thing changed my plans. Instead, I’m laying around all the time. Not only do I have anything ready to show at Visa pour L’Image in Perpignan in the beginning of September, but I’m definitely not in shape enough to do the dangerous hikes just days after returning to Slovenia. And since I was lucky to make it out alive the first time I tried, well, this time I’ll definitely break my neck. I’ll have plenty of chances for that, it’s not gonna be just one hike/climb. And especially because I will push the envelope. My chances are not falling out of the sky, and my proposals are futile. So maybe I just haven’t done enough already. I mean, maybe emailing, talking, calling people, and spending enourmous ammounts of money on big, long-term and extreme projects, not to mention life-threatening some times, is not enough. So it’s make or break. Make extremely good, never before seen photos and angles, or break a neck trying to get them.


One thought on “It’s The End of The World As We Know It

  1. No, vidiš Luka, še narava drži s tabo, ker kadar si ti zdraviš se tudi ona, lej kako je prijazna. Hm … po naravi sodeč to pomeni, da se tut ti pogosto zdraviš … le kaj to pomeni … preveč vod(k)e!!! 😀 😀 😀

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