The Fishermen’s Party

They just can’t wait until September. 😀 In Bohinjska Bela near Bled, they had a traditional fishermen’s party, but this year they also decided to cut the competition break short. So they held a competition on Sava Bohinjka. More than half of competitors were the ones competing in the National Flyfishing Championship that continues in autumn.

After the competition, the party kicked off. They had a cow bingo. Basically, they divided a large sheet of paper into fields. The copy of this grid was drawn on a lawn nearby. You bought a field and hoped at the end of the day, when they release a cow onto the grid, she craps on your field. 😀

The cow fatale waiting for her evening performance, observing the voayeuristic animals under the tent.

They also had a lottery, that wonderful test of your bad luck. A friend of mine kept buying tickets over and over again, and almost all of them were empty. He then told the kid who was selling them to pick them out himself and of course only the winning ones. The kid did that like five times and nothing changed.

Getting a friendly advice: “You better run, boy.”

Ticket after ticket… And the kid was brave enough not to run for his life.

A load of bad luck. 

But we all know lottery prizes are a bit … well, weird. So here’s what he was missing out on. One of the winners of the competition got “lucky” in lottery, too. 😀

I found the kid in me by watching the magician amusing the kids later. But I soon got off that cloud when his friend danced in. 

Just a pig that made it big. (I bet that cow was jealous.)


4 thoughts on “The Fishermen’s Party

  1. AHam, fotkič potem ni plavov. Kaj pa ribiči, so kaj žabico plaval oz. ribe lovil v ležečem položaju? 😀 😀 😀

    Kje ste pa unga pujska staknil? A zej že pujske v vodi lovijo in ne ribe. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Ful lepe slikce, pa vidim, da je bila reka res lepa, vsaj po slikah sodeč.


  2. Kot jaz vem, noben ni plaval, ker je bila premrzla voda in so pazili ko sto mater. Čeprav si eni skor ne morejo pomagat, da ne bi na vsaki tekmi malo zaplavali. 😀
    Un pujsek pa sploh ni bil pujsek (manjšalnica), ampak en ogromen pujs. In prišel je sam, ga noben ni ujel. Tko da sva bila potem dva. 😉
    Sava Bohinjka je pa zmeraj lepa. 😀

    Hvala, tepka. *****

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