B-Days and a Medieval Tournament

Considering so much that has happened since the 20th I was pretty inactive on this blog. July is not really my time of year. Too many anniversaries. An important person had died on the 11th fourteen years ago and an important animal died on the 12th four years ago. Speaking of tragedies, I was born on 21st awfully too many years ago – I don’t exactly throw that around, just like you don’t mention nine eleven too often. But some people love horror – they even write it (Poe, King, Matheson…) … Blaž… Yeah, well, Nina did mention my b-day in her blog, but she failed to mention hers on 22nd. 😉 Just like every sensational news media fail to mention the good news, because the bad ones are so appealing. 😀 Well, thanks again to everybody for their wishes and great gifts and beautiful (much needed) words. I’m slowing down a bit at the moment, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 

I used to think that I’m not doing my best, but after going waaay out on a limb for photography (and hanging out there for several hard years), I realized it’s just external circmstances that always cut me out. After several such occurances this past few weeks, the most important event for my NGM feature of this year went down in rain. But it was fun. Two days of the Middle Ages, sleeping under a tent… Felt like old times except for the drunken yelling outside. The forecast for the next day announced sunny weather and some occasional showers. Well, Predjama had a really long shower I guess. The whole night more or less and up until 10 o’clock on the day of the Erazem’s Mediaval Tournament, Slovenia’s biggest mediaval event, and my most important event to cover. Since the performers and the spectators didn’t really fancy a mud bath the event was called off, but the knights of the Round Table and the Chech knights Rekruti saved the day. The organizers had to do something. Large numbers of people arrived, since appearantly it only rained in Predjama and nowhere else in the country. So I geared up and started shooting to the melody of “Why does it always rain on me…” (I lie all the time, not only when I was seventeen… thought you should know:D ). Pure improvizing lead to a great event (free) and I got my shots (hopefully enough). And thanks again to the Knights of The Round Table for hosting me and Nina for one night in their camp.

I can’t really post the best images, because neither I nor the editors are entirely comfortable with publishing NGM material before publication, but there are some images I just have to show. If I were a little bit more extreme in my anti-alcohol views I’d probably say only fools drink it (too much). Well, only fools and horses I guess…

Juice for the kid, large beer for me, please.

Well, that’s what happens when word gets out that someone’s buying beer. No, that’s obviously not the same horse as in the previous photo!

And now it’s time to go to sleep. I’m about as beat as this knight:



2 thoughts on “B-Days and a Medieval Tournament

  1. Hm … Luka, pa ti si že čisti paparaci 😀 😀 😀 . Sam mi je pa v užitek prebrat, da imaš taboljše fotke še pri sebi, ja na žalost jih ne smeš objaviti 😦 . Pa sej bodo potem objavljene v NG in bodo zasedle svoje častno mesto. Sam si pa res dal take fotke gor, da se res človek od srca nasmeje, tisti pa še bolj, ko vemo kako so te fotke nastale 😀 😀 😀 .
    S tabo okol hodit je pa res veselica, ker doživim take stvari k si nikoli ne bi predstavljala, da jih kdaj bom in ena izmed njih je recimo “konj za šankom” . Kaj bi konji vse naredl, sam da jih ti fotkaš 😀 😀 :D. Ful dobre fotke.

    Hug & ***

    Pa hvala za čestitko. :*

  2. 😀 No ja, ta boljše fotke, ki so ratale, seveda. To ne pomeni, da so res super. Žal niti ne pomeni, da bodo v NG (za vse itak ne bo prostora). Me pa veseii, da sem koga nasmejal s temi fotkami.
    Oh, z mano okoli hodit zna biti tudi pogrebščina. 😀 Zanimive stvari fotkam, res je, in če se da, jih rad delim s tabo, seveda. Ampak konja za šankom in sploh, da še pir pije (mislim, da je bil že malo nadelan tudi) – no, to sem pa tudi jaz prvič videl. Sicer nisem potem fotkal, ko po šanku še plesal, ampak …
    Je pa ziher zabavno in bolj zanimivo, ko si ti zraven. Veš, mislim, da je konj hotel tebe malo impresionirat. 😀
    😀 Jah, čestitko na moj trapast način. 😀
    hug & ***

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