Alanis Morissette in Gasometer

Vienna, Gasometer, 2nd July

Isn’t it ironic? Some hundred years ago in a perfect, happy life, in a damp old mediterranean house by the sea, in a camp that became a legend, in a world that was to become a dying wish, I listened to her Jagged Little Pill. On a soundtrack of my life (yes, that was, is, and always will be my only real life), she played along some other names you’ve heard before. In this blog as well… And now I was there in front of her, listening through a lens. Anyway, I don’t want to take this any further and reveal too much. 

Alanis Morissette presented her Flavors of Entanglement in Vienna’s Gasometer, wisely complimenting a song from her latest album with a hit from her Jagged Little Pill, and concluded the concert with a bang. On her second return on stage, she finnished the night with You Learn, Ironic and Thank You.

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7 thoughts on “Alanis Morissette in Gasometer

  1. @nina: Haha, potem si videla, kako nas je Alanis pri drugem komadu pojala sem ter tja, levo desno 😀 😀 Pa super koncert je bil! Se splača se mal peljat v tujino za take zadeve. 😀

    @Rosy: Thanx. Trying to do my best in 2 songs that we’re allowed to photograph (press photogrphers of course – “normal” (e.g. not crazy) people with compact cameras can take pictures the whole concert. 😀

  2. 😀 Jah, ga večkrat uporabljam, pa se me je že navadil.
    Jap, dva komada. Drugega + tretjega. Ajde,logično, intro je pomemben za show. zanimiva zahteva je bila pa, da ne smemo biti tam s foto torbami. Jih je pač Haubi pazil zunaj. 😀 Bilo nas je devet, od tega spet un Jesus Christ tip iz Ebreichsdorfa, ki ima ogromno luknjo v ušesu in skoznjo uhan – tko kot una plemena.. 😀

  3. Nism vedu da ti je Jagged Little Pill tok pr srcu. Enako men. Kaj mi je ta album delal pred parimi leti. We were like one. V dno duše. Pa Nightwishi – YES.

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