It’s Official: I’m Crazy

As you know I now have two major NGM projects running. But the other one I just started was my idea. And considering that, and the fact that I intend to do it in the NGM way – being there all the way, documenting every aspect of the story – clearly indicates that I’m mental. No-one in their right mind would do this for publication in a country I personally call at least an armpit of the world, if not the asshole (yes, I’m using Stephen King’s terminology – don’t know when he said that exactly and which town he named so).

Anyway, on sunday I was supposed to be at a fishing competition on the other end of the country. It turned out of course, I also needed to be at a whole different part of the country to shoot a part of one of those two features. So I decided for the NGM feature and it was interesting. Worth it. And I also got to do my self-portrait. 😀

I’m the one on the right. You can tell by my haircut. 😉

But nothing could prepare me for what came the next day. Oh, I was prepared, alright. I knew it would be tough, but man it was slightly worse. However, not enough to deter me from doing it. 😀 I guess that makes me crazy.

Sometimes, all you need to know to anticipate situations is hidden in adjectives that are way too frequently tossed around. In this case, if a gorge is inaccessable, well, then it probably won’t be a walk in the park. And I don’t mind remote inaccessable areas – afterall, I survived Saving the Sad Lake. I thought they don’t make crazier fishermen than those, but here’s the news: they do. 

This was a gorge worthy of its name. One of those high in the hills of Baška grapa (don’t ask me to explain where it is). And highly worthy of another name. Slovenians would call it a “vukojebina”, and in translation that would be a wolf’s f**k den. It was also one of those heavily hit in the floods of last September. 

In short, it was hot, it was steep, it was baby steps away from vertical drops onto rocks, slippery… I came back as if I swam that stream. But that’s what scientists there do for two weeks, twice a year. What a deja vu. It’s Cerknica all over again. 😀 But it’s important, and I’ll do it. 


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