The Maribor Airshow ’08

Don’t get me started on the managment of this event, when photojournalists are concerned. The organizers really pissed me off, but I soon realized it’s not really their fault. Perhaps partially. They didn’t expect what we photojournalists (professional) are observing for some time now. The number of wannabe photographers and photojournalists is growing extremely fast. In this country, everyone wants to be a photographer and everybody thinks they’re photographers when they own a compact camera. Even worse: everyone with a compact camera believes they are up there with the pro’s and do a splendid job of getting in their way to capture the images for their friends and family to see (to the expense of a professional photojournalist missing a clear shot for publication). It is the growing pompousness and self-confidence of the self-absorbed people that drives them to believe their family album is more important than someone’s job. However, this time, the situation was a bit different. Airshows draw a lot more attention than other events. And I realized every second person had a digital slr camera. Every third had a white canon lens on it. They were just enthusiasts. So combine money and the above-mentioned state of mind, and you get a pretty heavy situation. The organizers weren’t expecting it (to tell the truth I was shocked myself), so they obviously gave out more photo passes than they should. Which in turn forced them to shut the photojournalists (and wannabe photojournalists) out due to security reasons. No acces, except the visitors area. Which simply meant that you couldn’t get most of the shots of low flying aerobatics and airplanes on the ground – not to mention that the elitism of this country has spread to airshows as well. Last time I remember, people could walk among the airplanes and helicopters – now, it was only VIP.

Shutting out the photographers, come to think of it, was a wise move. A lot of people with passes probably had little experience or sense of so-called “low profile”. So I guess it really was too dangerous to have them all running amok behind the fence. They cut us out, too, but I don’t blame the organizers. I blame the pompous Slovenians, the nation of photographers (no, I never saw as many wannabe photographers and of course more serious amateur photographers abroad then I did at this airshow).

But hey, nevermind. It did piss me off, but boy they’re lucky I wasn’t covering the event for a magazine or newspaper – did it for Dax Photo, but I don’t think I can find enough “headless” photos to publish it. Well, yeah, try catching a plane through the crowd in front of you.

Regardless of the people (which are fast becoming a real nuissance in this country 😀 ), the show was great and the weather was nice. Slovenian army had an exhibition… Ice cream was great… 😀  At least we got that. Then I stop to think and realize how meaningless it is to put any heart into photographic projects here, since we’re not going anywhere, and every major editor can tell you that. No future here, move to New York, and try there. Once there, it’s make or break, but that’s photography for ya’. I myself am putting my heart into certain projects I do, but others I simply need to play down in order not to stress out on the job. Not to mention that “Never give all your heart” comes to mind regarding anything in my photography – especially exhibitions which I’m cutting down on, too. It’s just futile, I guess. And my energy is not unlimited. But until then… 


4 thoughts on “The Maribor Airshow ’08

  1. Jaz sem imel pass, ampak sem slišal za te omejitve in v nedeljo nisem šel…presliklal sem na desetine airshowow in pri nas je vedno tako, da nekaj serjejo..skoda, ker bi lahko bilo organizirano boljse…upam,d a bojo naslednje leto to popravili, kdorkoli bo ze delal show…V Parizu ali Farnboroughju je vedno za pro fotografe urejeno tako,d a imajo dostop v posebno ograjo in potem od tam slikajo..jasno, zadeva je pozicionirana glede na svetlobo …

    Od fotk pa ona s silhuetami ljudi, zmagovalna..tudi ona z mašenjem ušes..lepo, drugačne fotke!

  2. No, vidiš, v tujini znajo. Tukaj pa, če ne bi z zahoda prišli oblaki, bi ves folk v drugi polovici mitinga strmel direkt v sonce. In mi seveda tudi. Lahko bi imeli vsaj svoj koridor, res je, ampak če ga pa ni, pa povsem razumem, da ne upajo toliko fotografov spustiti bližje. Ti povem, jaz sem bil šokiran, ko sem videl, koliko folka je res… tko, zagrizenih fotografov. Sta vzletela F-16 in so se dvignile prav vse roke v luft, sami kompakti. Noro. 😀

  3. Žalostno, da je treba takšne teme izpostavljat. Verjamem, da je tistim, ki si s tem služijo kruh precej naporno. Ampak kljub vsemu sem videl obliko objav mitinga in se takoj vidi, da kljub isti lokaciji, še vedno določeni izstopate.

    Mimogrede, pri tistem vojaškem vozilu si dodajal flesh. Lahko mogoče zaupaš nastavitve, ker vsaj meni ne uspe dobiti solidne fotke. Predvidevam, da imam sync bistveno nižji kot ga imaš ti.

  4. Ja, res, ampak dobre organizacije je malo. Predvsem pri nas, ko tako kot vsak misli, da vse zna, tudi vsak misli, da lahko organizira in potem se dogajajo pač take stvari.
    Hvala za kompliment. Ponavadi nas ven vleče dobra oprema in nekako dejstvo, da si se v tolikih letih fotkanja naučil iz grozne situacije naredit dobro fotko.
    Ja, nastavitve pri tistem posnetku: dal sem enostavno na program Tv in sinhronizacijski čas 1/250s. Potem pa že vidiš. Malo je odvisno potem še koliko boš kompenziral fleš in koliko ekspozicijo, ampak tukaj mislim, da je bilo vse nekje na normali. Mogoče malo v minus. Je pa res, ja, da imam sync čas 1/250s. Kar je včasih zame še vedno premalo 😀

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