The Bon Jovi Highway Tornado

Ebreichsdorf, Vienna, 4th June, 2008

I wake up in the morning and I raise my weary head to see if it’s still raining. I go downtown to see my exhibition being put up (yes, the opening is over, thanks everybody for showing up), and then I take my car and drive out of this two-story town to Ljubljana, from where Miro and I set out for Ebreichsdorf, equipped with a GPS, so that we don’t get lost. Highway was jammed due to a severe accident, but that wasn’t the only surprise on the road. Somewhere on the outskirts of Vienna, a real tornado, a clearly formed spinning funnel of wild wind appears, but doesn’t reach ground.

The weather is awfull, but we keep the faith and indeed it’s cloudy but dry until the first support band takes the stage at Magna Racino horsetrack. Heavy rain pounds the 50,000 faith departed people, wishing the heavy clouds would clear before Bon Jovi takes the stage.

And the rain did stop, right after the designated two songs of the Austrian support band. But the storm seemed to be circling, so when the second support band, Sunrise Avenue, took the stage, it started rainig again, and I though, well, this is the end you know. It can rain on any other day, but why now! All I wanted was about six minutes of stabile weather. And I got them.

Sunrise Avenue

Two designated songs and the rain stopped again – it was just screwing around with the photographers really. Bon Jovi’s performance was rain-free, with a complicated lightshow, Jon Bon Jovi’s entrance in all his blaze of glory, the greatest hits and thousands of people shouting them out loud. The light was great and again my camera and I hooked up. We really got it goin’ on. But in these hands, not even perfect conditions are bullet proof. The rule I set for myself says ‘one mistake is one mistake too many’, but nevertheless, I did a lot more than at the Pink concert in Schladming.

So, going to Vienna for two songs and heavy rain, I hear my parents say? Yeah, I know, I’m a candle in the wind. (more like a devil on the run I’d say ;)). But it’s my life. Covering concerts so far away can be exhausting and costly, damaging on my wallet and energy, if no proper use for the photos is applied, but can also be healing. Bad medicine? Yes and no. Depends on who you ask. (I’m a Bon Jovi fan so…) 🙂

I do a lot of projects and I sacrifice a lot: my time, my health, my sleep. In hope of someday doing what I wish to do be doing. And when the world gets in my face, I just say … Have a nice day. 😉

And then one day, I get a prize for embedded keywording. 😉

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11 thoughts on “The Bon Jovi Highway Tornado

  1. Jaz pa čez dve urci pičim proti Zagrebu na Marka Knopflerja, na žalos brez fotoaparata, se bo treba zadovoljit s telefonom 😦 Verjetno pa veš, kako priti z večjimi aparati za teh par komadov tik pred oder? Je nujno biti reporter, ali imajo kaj možnosti tudi drugi smrtniki.

  2. V bistvu je obvezno, da delaš za neke medije. Enega ali več. Potem je pa samo še stvar pogajanj. Ko oni hočejo objavo napovedi v tiskanem mediju, ker interneta ponavadi ne marajo, itd… Ampak se da.

  3. Thanks! 😀 that’s what it’s all about. Keep the faith and have a nice day. That’s the trick.
    So thanks again and.. 😀 Have a nice day! 😀

  4. A si ti tele fotke z Getty Images ukradel? Samo ne vem, kako si watermark odstranil…
    HUDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Me veseli, da je Markec tokrat lepo sodeloval. 😀 Na in evo, spet se klanjam!

  5. Ne, Getty jih z moje strani krade, a si sele zdaj porjtala? 😀
    Kaj se klanjas, cuvaj hrbet, na stara leta ti mora se sluziti. 😀

  6. @Samo: Hvala. Luč je bila fajn, ja. Meni itak super, ker sem navajen na res slabe osvetljave. Miro me je opozoril, da ni bila najboljša in če pogledaš tisto fotko, kjer je roka že v senci, ko jo je dvignil v zrak, vidiš, da mogoče pa res ni bila najboljša 😀 Ampak zame the best. 😀

  7. @Miguel: Thanks a lot. I’ll stop by your blog to see your work. No problem if it’s in portuguese, photos speak for themselves. 😉

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