In the words of Forrest: Stupid is Who Stupid Does

Time is a commodity, but everything we do depends on it. Not only whether we do it or not, but whether we do it right. It’s been a while since I had time to do anything without haste, and I’ve noticed I could’ve done things a lot better if I wasn’t constantly monitoring the watch. So much so that I sometimes think I’m genuinly stupid. How this fleeting mind made it through college, let alone write two diplomas and graduate with two straight tens, looking from today’s point of view, is beyond my imagination. So yes, a few quotes come to my mind, like “My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely.” And the famous Shakespear’s quote, written on a small booklet of Shakespear’s Insults to Teachers given to me by my college friend: “Your mind is tossing on the ocean.”

For the wandering minds abroad, no particularly smart news from Slovenia. We have a new Miss Universe. She’s so mundane I’d never even notice her… until she pulled down my pants, and sometimes I really think that’s how some of these women get their titles… 

The Eurovision contest is over. Might as well cut the televoting part. Every single Balkan country is as predictable in televoting as the weather in Sahara. Not to mention the usual Swedish “Norway, twelve points”, and the Norway’s “Sweden, twelve points”, whether the song is pure crap or Abba. Our outcome in the contest was similar to a baby’s fart in a hurricane. Not even the Butterfly effect is applicable. But anyone who blames the performance has to be a little bit off the rock, because it’s plain obvious that we don’t have the cultural backup in any of the big countries. If every single Slovenian voted for their own country (hm… pardon: Slovenia!), we still wouldn’t have made it into the finals. Who are you kidding, come on! Any more states declare independence from Russia and they can win every year. I thought I was watching some sort of Russian Federation Reunion!

As far as photography is concerned, I keep hearing all the stuff about no money, no fees, no budget, no prospects in Slovenia – from the editors themselves. And I’m thinking like, boy, you really didn’t fall of a smart tree, did ya? But regardless of what tree I’ve fallen off (and surely landed on my head), I’m still pursuing my goals against all odds. (Don’t hate me, because I’m stupid.) 

Last week I did a group portrait of the creators of an exhibition in Kranj for a NGM feature. My initial idea didn’t work (it never does), but I found a solution. And as always, I found an image from when we haven’t even started, that I like best, but there are two missing in the photo, so…

And yes, of course, I like it better in B&W. 

The weekend was all about fishing competitions. The afternoon competition in Kranj and the next morning competition in Kamnik. It’s not that it’s boring, but I guess it’s repeatative. So I did some wildlife. Huge, angry and slimy forest creatures, and big sharp-clawed eagles…

Oh, come on, leave me some imagination please! Some creative freedom!

And now I’m ending this busy day of screenplay writing, dying from my neck pain (yes, I have neck pain ever since I came from Egypt – that’s two f****** weeks!), editing my images etc. Yes, today I made large prints for an upcoming exhibition (more on that in the next post). And since I don’t get much sleep in all of this pain, I don’t mind staying up a little late. It’s now a quarter past three in the morning. 😉

Ok, my sadomasochistic soul is off to bed, where I can spend the next few hours till morning turning and tossing (just like my mind on the ocean), dreaming of cutting my head off with a chainsaw, somewhere at the shoulders, or sticking a knife in the side of my neck just to releave the strain and the cramped muscles.

Good night, good fight! 

OH, man, I almost forgot! The thing with the camera! Well, it turns out I was wrong and everybody else was right. Strange, ha? I don’t know how that’s possible, either. 😀 But to my defence, let me just say that it’s a stupid feature of Canon cameras, and that I really wasn’t wrong. Here’s the deal. In evaluative metering mode, the exposure locks when the focus locks. That’s normal. But it’s not the case in other metering modes. What threw me off was the fact that I’ve always used the evaluative mode and up to two months ago, it didn’t lock the exposure when the focus locked. But hey, no biggie, birds of feather flock together. I’m a little off, my camera’s a little off, my computer’s waaaay off (not Mac of course)— yes, yes, I am nocking on wood. Gee…

And I’m off. To se the wizzard, the wonderful wizzard of Oz. I hope he’s got painkillers, ’cause frankly saying, this smile on my face… Well, that’s what I’ll be wearing when I SLAM MY NECK IN THE DOOR.

U, the shouting started. Gotta fly. Like a bat from hell. (Hope you’re not visulising all this…)



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