My Favorites from the Sidelines

It’s normal for a somewhat large feature to produce photos that are the photographer’s favorites. The unlucky few who know my bitching ass 😉 (pardon my french) will know that in my case that’s as rare as lightning hitting twice in the same spot. But miracles happen, especially when places and people you photograph air a certain mood, something extra, something you feel can have a soul of its own in pictures. But sometimes, it’s also got too little to do with the feature you’re working on. It happens on the sidelines so to speak, or could perhaps be seen anywhere else. It’s not what’s emphasized in the text, or it’s simply not the cultural flagship of the place. Understandable.

So once in a blue moon (probably in the coldest days of Hell) my thumb slips and I happen to take a picture I like. (Oh, yeah, I’m very positive today. :D) And it’s from the sidelines. That doesn’t mean I don’t get good photos from the main story, but usually I don’t get many good ones from the sidelines (because sidelines usually don’t make any stories) and that’s why I found some sort of a project potential in Bela krajina region of Slovenia. There’s more than what makes the cut. And here are some of my favorites that didn’t make the cut this time. 


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