Keeping Up Appearances

Two things marked my day.

The Bad

Something that’s so regular in this country that you not only get used to it, but it starts to really annoy you. Just turn on the news and take a listen. You could actually compile a list of “only in Slovenia” facts, although we all know it happens elsewhere, too. But we seem to be looking away, or simply allowing it, because “ignorance is bliss”. Not entirely true. It’s not like you can fight a whole population of corrupted, above-the-law people that have absolutely no sense of rightiousness, and seem to have very lax morals. Just a few facts. Our new oncology institute is under construction for ten years, while patients crowd in the old one in horrible conditions. On the other hand, shopping centers (only in my home town for example) are built within three months. Why such delays. Well, mostly relativism. People don’t like this and that, orders are all wrong, financial plans are not up to their liking, everything too expensive, not the right firms are selected etc. It’s all wrong, whether it’s all justified or simply a fruit of every Slovenian believing they’re the best and if someone else thinks otherwise, it’s injustice. Not to mention that they are experts in everything, regardless of their education, expertise or profession, so they “know” they’re right and everybody else is wrong.

So naturally all these people want as big as salaries as those of our polititians. Sure, we all want them. But in these “new” times, some of the pompous professions have the guts to demand it. Doctors? Ok, let’s assess. You come to a doctor and they either do nothing, because they don’t believe there’s something wrong with you (not my personal experience, but a rule made of several stories of people) – or they don’t want to believe you because test cost money – or they screw you up. Simple as that. Stories are numerous. It’s not a simple mistake, like they did whatever they could, but just couldn’t help. That would be understandable. No, these are stories of malpractice, negligence, ignorance. We’re not stupid, we do recognize these malpractices. Everywhere you go in this country. On top of it all, there’s this: our prime minister has almost half the salary of some local health institution’s directors. And they want an increase?!?!? 

It’s not surprising that soooo many have signed in for a raise to the polititians salary. Even judges! For what?!?!? Delays? Failed lawsuits? And believe me, I know they have too much work, but it’s their goddamn fault! Like in every job they don’t like naming new judges, young blood. Because out of greed or life expenses or whatever they tend to do everything themselves, even if it means burning out. So eventually there’s no need for new people. Stupid mentality.

And after all the tycoon crackdown and disclosure of corruption in setting prizes among different food producers, get this: these fuckers (pardon my french) STILL won’t go straight. Now they finaly stopped raising prices, but they started selling smaller packages for the same price, carefuly concealing the change to make consumers believe they’re buying the same products as before. SOBs.

We’re nothing but sheeps behind a fence.

And THIS is the country that runs the EU?!?!?

Anyway, if you cut out all the shits (yes, plural, because I’m referring to people) in this country, it can be a nice place. That’s why tourists like it.

The Good 

The other thing that made my day is a lot more positive. A feature from Haloze Hiking Trail I did in autumn, written by a journalist with whom I’ve worked now on three features, and additional photos from my picture editor at NG Traveler, was among the three nominees for best local story from a foreign country edition of NG Traveler at an internal NGS biannual competition in Washington. So I guess among the three world’s best. Great!


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