Fishing for Stories

Last week the National Flyfishing Championships started and I’m covering it again. I’ve been covering this sport for years now. Actually I’ve been covering fishing for over ten years. In the mean time, I’m on a mission for greater mobility, since I might be going away soon. Fortunately or unfortuntely, I don’t know. But my first step is the laptop and wireless network, set up through Airport Extreme. Works like a charm.

Now I’m sniffing for stories around the world to somehow figure out a proper schedule and agenda to incorporate several related or at least geographically close stories into a single ittinerary. But that’s not all I’m looking for right now. Before I take off on any of these trips, there’s still several things to set up, unless I want it to go away unnoticed. I could just go on a vacation, but you know me. When did I ever do that?



2 thoughts on “Fishing for Stories

  1. Ah, ja. Saj vsi vemo, da je tebi Sepetova Majda pela: “Ribic, ribis me je ujel!” lol
    Airport Extreme!! To mi deli! 🙂
    Maybe it doesn’t necessarily need to be so very geographically close. 70 literski nahrbtnik in palec na desni roki te znata dalec pripeljat. Oziroma palec na levi roki, ce bos stop zacel v kateri izmed drzav kjer se drajsajo gor in dol po levi strani ceste. 😉

  2. 😀 Ne, ne, Barbi. Ni bila Sepetova. Edini komad, ki vem, da sem bil inspiracija zanj, je Basketcase od Greendayjev. 😀 So mi povedali. Sicer sem jih moral malo opit prej, ampak so pa le scivkali.
    With my luck, bom nekje v Aziji zastopal kaksne ekstremiste, ki mi bodo po nekaj kilometrih vzeli fotoaparat, pofotkali se zadnje moje grozljive portretke s super transparenti, potem pa bom od vratu dol pristal v nekem jarku, od vratu gor pa kaksni reki. 😀
    Oh, ja, vem, danes sem cisto prevec optimisticen. 😀

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