Sunshine and the National Geographic

I’m known to do 500 kilometres or more in a day when I’m on assignment for NG Traveler and this time is no different. I’ve been to Bela krajina region twice now. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s sort of an oddball of Slovenia. Pretty different than the rest of the country and packed with tradition, natural beauty, old customs etc. But the whole thing is way too big to fit it anywhere smaller than a book, so we’re actually focusing on a few spots only. What’s happened is I got more interested than usual. I feel there’s a story there. Big one. Something not entirely done yet. Many stories actually. And I think I just started a longlasting personal project.

Anyway… It’s April (not 1st and therefore ‘fools’ any more) and the April issue of National Geographic Slovenija is out. My feature (text and photos) about Žička kartuzija (The Žiče Carthusian Monastery) has finally seen daylight. And it looks great.

Spring’s rolling in (why do I have the feeling I said that before – a few months ago?) and I’m giving the sunny days too much thought. There’s quite a lot of work ahead, but maybe it’s better that way, since I use every free minute of thinking power to figuring out how to do the impossible or how to get my sorry ass out of this sorry country (for photographers). And sometimes I actually stop for a moment. But just for a moment. 😀


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