Down The Old Lane

I’ve had with this weather. Can’t wait to get my ass to Egypt in the end of April. Gets me down, too. I hate it. It’s like the past is just summer and the sun, and all I see now is just rain, cold and gray skies. Pukealicious! And I find myself watching the planes disappearing into the clouds (gotta love destiny assigning me to the damned city of Kranj, just outside and nearest to the Brnik airport)… And then I dream some sort of Hitchcock, Lynch, Shyamalan mixture between Nightmare on Elm Street, Sixth Sense and (check this) Fried Green Tomatoes and Cinema Paradiso. I’m certifiable, I tell you. But it’s no secret and it doesn’t get me down anymore. I’ve always searched ways to go back in time. It’s possible in a way. And yes, I gotta do it, coz I feel better there. Used to do it by writing, now I don’t have time. Not even to finish my last novel. But the funny thing is, no matter what basket case I am, what all is missing, all the shit I cause and people I dissapoint, I know it all has a purpose. 😀 Yap, never saw it before, but now I finally realized a certain common denominator in everything I did, relating to people around me. I’m doing fine. Could say I found my purpose, haha.

Anyway, every once in a blue moon I need to push myself over the edge in what I do professionally, because years are not passing by, they’re shooting by. The other day I watched Katrina documentary and realized that shit went down in 2005. It’s 2008?!? Hell, where did three years go? Detached from my own life (living it, I mean; seeing, feeling, observing, learning…)… Right now I can’t even believe myself how far I could be pushing myself by the end of the year, but someohow I hope I will. And since I’m incompatible with life and all my decisions are usually wrong (scientifically proven on a sample), I’d probably be happy if I get back in one piece or ever get back at all. But now I know whatever happens will serve a good purpose.

This, my dears, is the post-shopping depression. 😀 Well, not really, I actually believe my life needs a reboot, but the truth is I did way too much shopping today. Yes, no biggie, I do it every time I feel I’m going down shit creek without a paddle. Of course I shit cash, don’t everybody? 😉 Ok, seriously. I had some small investments that cost a lot of money, but I’m (almost) done now. New flash (I finally get to kick the bastard 550EX out the door – although it works pretty well as my new 580EX slave, muahahahaha). Wireless triger and some other stuff hardly worth mentioning.

Dax Photo will soon get to see feature section update. A big one. But it takes a lot of writing and that’s why it hasn’t happened yet. Hot stuff (well, it’s almost old stuff already but hey, I’m slow, can’t help it): some of the best features so far  in NG Traveler (Slovenian of course, for my constant foreign reader). The thing I did on that mountain/hill/whatever you call it, about the flower actually.

And now I gotta sleep. Another assignment tomorow. NG Traveler again. And it’s not close. Again. 😀 But it’s gonna be fun and interesting as always. Not an effortless job, but always a challange.

Shutting off my 80s, 90s playlist loop… and off to the … strange mansion I keep dreaming about for at least a week. 😀


7 thoughts on “Down The Old Lane

  1. Hihi, po prvih informacijah iz Egipta pred nekaj dnevi je tam že zdaj svinjsko vroče. 😀 Tako da če takrat sneg zapade, potem se pa zakopljem 2 metra pod zemljo in ne pridem več ven 😀
    Glede na to, da ponavadi drugi mene jahajo, bo verjetno kamela zajahala mene. 😀
    Danes sem pa ugotovil še, da je bila moja investicija perfect. Ker nova oprema dela popolno. Love it! Pa še tale nova reportaža mi je dala malo nove inspiracije, ker gre pravzaprav za del Slovenije, ki je zelo drugačen od vsega ostalega in precej poseben…
    Hugs & *** to NY in pozdravi gospo z baklo. Povej ji, da zdaj že lahko roko zamenja, saj jo ziher že boli. 😀

  2. Če se boš “pushov over the edge”, upam da v fotografskem smislu, to bo kej za vidt 🙂 Sam se veš, če preveč pushas rata preveč noisa..tko da po pamet 😀 Pa v primeru da boš fleš čez okn metov, povej čez kerga da grem kampirat. Če boš prodajov pa tud povej 🙂

  3. Hm… Ja, bo push na vseh področjih, se mi zdi. Kolkor sebe poznam, bo hud rizik, in ker smo v velikem svetu, je marsikaj možno. Ampak ej, mislim, da je čas. 😀 Fleš še dela in sem ga degradiral v sužnja. Gospodari lahko samo še pri Nini, pa še tam le “part time”. 😀

  4. You remind me of one of my dogs; perky little rascal; always happy, no matter what. You make little sense also. Either way, I kind of envy you.

  5. haha. Great! Well, if I wasn’t keeping my good humor up, I’d go insane. 😀 To be honest, when I read your comment in my mail notification, I was a little baffled, when you said I make little sense… Until I realized you commented on this post. 😀 I agree, when it comes to my personal stuff, I make very little sense. 😀 😀

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