Jump and Fly

A busy weekend indeed. Hectic a bit, due to my incooperative camera (old and senile, still metering falsely, sometimes slow on focus). But this is how it went. Friday afternoon, I went to cover the Ski Jumping finals in Planica. I don’t like it much, because it’s not a sports event – unless you call heavy drinking a sport. But nevertheless this year really was a bit different. Only a bit. Corpses (including vomit and blood) still lay all around the ski jump area Saturday afternoon, but the whole thing wasn’t as extreme as previous years. The cut-down on alcohol abuse was actually just a prohibition of bringing your own booze into the event area. Once inside, you could get alcohol just about everywhere. It’s a move to sell more, but in effect it cuts down the drinking, because people hate to pay for alcohol (for some it’s as if paying for tap water).

The crowd of photographers was relatively equal to the crowd of people watching the jumps, but there’s always something to do. If you can’t in any way do what you have to, if the working conditions are non-negotiably impossible, then you simply write it in your article or complain to the editor – but that has never happened before. Although I have a feeling that if this expansion of photographers continues, the problem will soon arise.

Saturday was another story. I was way up in Graz to cover a different kind of jumps. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen. Masters of Dirt, Night of the Jumps. The best FMX freestyle riders doing acrobatics in the air. Some pyrotechnics, some “Fuel Girls”, a snowmobile backflip, a backflip train etc.

Sunday: Planica again. Slept for three hours in between. Then made the whole feature in one day. I guess I’m a lot more fired up, when I don’t get my beauty sleep. 😀 Anyway, previews here, the rest of this two large features on www.dax-photo.com



13 thoughts on “Jump and Fly

  1. 😀 Thanx! Ja, slučajno je naneslo, da je bila tudi Planica ta vikend in je bilo vse v znamenju takšnih in drugačnih skokov. Pa še prav pomislit sem moral, kdaj bi bilo bolje, da grem v Graz. tudi tam je bilo tekmovanje namreč v sob in ned. Akreditacijo sem imel za oboje, ampak evo, sem se odločil, da grem v Planico v nedeljo (kar je razumna odločitev sicer), ampak sem imel cel dan dež. 😀 Pa bi mogoče bilo bolje za take sorte reportažo, kot sem jo delal, da bi šel v Planico v soboto. 😀 Na koncu je pa itak oboje uspelo ok.

  2. 🙂 haha ja to je pa res 🙂 nkol ni prov, ampak mi dol visi. hvalabogu da mi. ker s trdmu je težko scat 😛 Kar pa počnem vsakih 8 minut. Hvalabogu ne pride ven več kri ampak normalna “voda” 🙂

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