Pokal Vitranc and Xplosion of Fun

Well, I’m getting used to hiking up and down the steep icy slalom and GS courses now. Even though they told me Podkoren’s slalom course is steeper than that of Pohorje, it was a lot less difficult to handle. Probably because I was carrying one lens less and no food in me. 😀

Anyway, same old, same old. GS on saturday, slalom on sunday. Didn’t get up on course on saturday, though. FIS priority list and a bunch of excuses – mostly those of me being of least importance. Also learned how many don’t know about Slovenia Times, the paper I’m working for on these sports events, although the press centre was packed with complimentary issues of it.

Later, I covered the Xplosion of Fun aswell. Would be much more fun if my camera didn’t go berserk on me, locking the exposure when the focus locks. Tried every single trick in the book to stop it, and it just doesn’t work. Clearing all custom functions, all personal functions, the whole deal… Well, shit happens, right. Seems like to me it happens all the time. 😀

On sunday I hiked up the slope, but eventually, I didn’t like my position. Not that I didn’t get good shots, but I believe a different angle would do much better. However, once you’re positioned (an hour before the start), it’s no moving along the course, unless you want to get kicked out of the entire event. 

All in all, great event, nice company of photographers …

Here’s a preview, the entire thing will be up on my site tomorow.

That’s what happens if you’re a second too late. (Bode Miller on the right, Go Bode sign on the left…)

The Xplosion of Fun included face painting for children.


2 thoughts on “Pokal Vitranc and Xplosion of Fun

  1. 🙂 Vse akcijske fotke tekmovalcev v cilju so narejene z res meni najbolj ultraostrim EVER objektivom EF300mm f/4. Te z Xplozije so narejene s 70-200 f/2.8, “Go Bode” fotka pa s 16-35mm f/2.8.

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