Old Times

Yesterday, our country celebrated a culture holiday. Each year, on 8th February, we commemorate our greatest poet France Prešeren, who’s also the author of our national anthem. Yes, all peachy, but just like many great artists (E. A. Poe springs to my mind), not many people liked him when he was alive.  He lived in Kranj, so I went downtown and honestly I didn’t expect such an event. It was way better than all the previous years. Which is what I can also say for the carnival. It’s like my home town is going through some sort of enlightenment period. Old clothes, carriages, folk dancing, singing, a kid actually recited one of Prešeren’s poems by heart. And it’s like the longest and most difficult. He was reciting it for so long I even forgot about him somewhere along the way. He sort of faded into the background, and after a few minutes I realized with amazement that he’s still speaking. Damn! 

That’s actually the second time I wasn’t sorry for getting up a in the morning. I usually am. 😀 I still feel this strange obligation to my Dax Photo to cover the events of some importance. Since it’s rarely viewed and to amuse myself alone, my work is farely useless and stupid, but it’s my training ground for the times when I’ll be covering the world for something big. That might happen as soon as in a hundred years. Gotta get ready.


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