The Venice Carnival

It’s been about 10 years since the last time I went to the Venice Carnival. All I can remember is getting my face painted and way too many people. This year, it was tuesday and some two or three people less. It rained for two days before and stopped on that day. Actually, even the sun came out again.

In “technical” terms, the day was a shootout. 1000 photos in about five hours, but I know I won’t be there again for at least 10 years. Probably…

Here’s just a few photos, the rest are on

Besides carnivals, this week was all about the wonderful world of Slovenia. NOT! At least the adjective part. From the twisted mentality of too many of its people to hearing its wrongdoings in stories I didn’t expect to hear them. The shocking stories are a part of a TV show we’re filming soon, and … well, they get you thinking. But it’s what I do a lot these days. From my future as a Taliban embed, hahaha, to realising sometimes resistence is futile. My site is still updated but not as frequently. In fact, the announcements are more frequently updated than the gallery. No biggie, just the old Slovenian story about some “organizers” (whose contacts aren’t even listed in the phone book, and although a firm, they’re not in the business register either. Anywhere for that matter. :D). In short, ignorance is bliss, and they sure are blissful. 😀 Doesn’t matter. I’ll go out soon, do more important things and leave these people to continue hiding and then blame the lack of publicity for their failed events. Yap, “it’s not our fault!”, everybody screams. Sure. Even when you kill someone with your stupidities on the road. It’s always someone else there to take responsibilities for your wrong actions. Great. I bet it feels better, ha? 


One thought on “The Venice Carnival

  1. Kr kull. 🙂 Nekaj več sta mi prva in četrta če šteješ od spodaj navzgor. Na nekaterih je preveč centralne kompozicije, na nekaterih pa se ne čuti oseb na sliki…

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