The Suicidal Embed

I’m not exactly bored, but I am looking for something special in what I do. Something no-one did before, which is rare anyway. It’s about time I do it again, I can’t keep sailing on the winds of my Lake Cerknica feature, which was all that. There’s a lot of stories out there and a lot of those that actually mean a lot. And I’m not exactly talking about war photography. Post-war, post-disaster, humanitarian crises etc. I am developing a project, which is something I’ll just have to try to see if it works.

I scared myself the other day. I attended a lecture by Ziyah Gafič and Balasz Gardi and when Gardi talked about Army embeds, a question turned up whether there are any embeds among the Talibans. The answer: They are invited regularily, but no-one dares take the job, because it’s “suicidal”. Que the fanfares, “Light!, Let there be light!”, sirens go off in my head! You could almost see the lightbulb turn on above my head, when he said that. My twisted mind actually considered embedding the vessel that is my body into the Taliban army, because it’s something nobody wants to do. 😀 Oh, man, sometimes I surprise myself.

What a great idea! I’m leaving in a month! … Ok, just joking. Got other fish to fry here. But I might just fry one in Italy. A smelly one. Naples and it’s piles of garbage. Perhaps. I’ll see how it goes.

In the mean time. I’m documenting the neighbourhood.


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