Full-Time Fun

A week ago, I was pretty jumpy when thinking about a certain feature that basically required less clouds, fog and rain. And just as I set myself a date, the sun came out. Would be better if not so strong, though, but it’s ok. Two days of working so far and both of them were extremely beautiful. Combined with the place, where I was at… And the company… Just beautiful.

Thanks to NG Traveler I did quite a lot of hiking, and there’s more to come. But far less as I anticipated. Mostly because the weather is on my side (although the light wasn’t exactly perfect for the kind of shots I needed) and I did an amazing amount of work in one day. The sun even brought me some luck. The flower I’m after is actually going to bloom early, it seems. I might just catch it for the next issue. Which means I’ll be doing macro again. I love it. It’s been a while since I’ve photographed a flower of a similar sort up on a different mountain.

Anyway, I went to the top yesterday. Got myself a company of expert local hikers.

… and a brunette called Dea.

Got up to the tower…

And while others punch in …

… I’m a bit more thorough in establishing my alibi.


2 thoughts on “Full-Time Fun

  1. Woo hoo, take poste je pa vedno veselje prebrat. Looks like you’re really enjoying yourself, which makes me, your runaway baby sis, extremely happy! Not to mention proud!! Naj bo soncno in naj cveti! xxx

  2. :blushes: 😀 Full lepi dnevi so zadnje čase tukaj, tako da brez fun skoraj ne gre, če greš ven. 😀 Ja, sestrica, tudi ti si pošiči kakšen žarek sonca v betonski džungli! Hug & *** v NY

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