Pushing The Shift into Overdrive

Well, I’m up and running again, full speed, at cruising altitude, open sails, you name it. The first January overdrive is over, February is moving in, but I’m in the midst of a bit larger features again. I’m trying to fit a whole mountain into frame (so to speak) for National Geographic Traveler, although what I’d really need is just a small flower that’s not in bloom right now or any time until my deadline. I’m driving (again) almost all the way to Maribor twice a week, but that’ll change soon. I’m taking steps to better mobility as you know and that’ll make things a lot easier.

On top of that, I’m covering “home field” for National Geographic Magazine Slovenia, which is not as physical as the Traveler one, but more creative, since the subject matter is not as dynamic. Put the two together and my day is full, but I like it. No time for stupidities. Tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll even have time to eat all day. 😀

And a lot more is coming my way. Not just photography. New screenplays. A movie, new TV shows. Then comes March and it’s skiing again, Masters of Dirt in Austria, Planica… After that, hopefully, another Traveler assignment, and a slow onset of tracking down medieval events to proceed with my big feature. Oh, and if Lake Cerknica starts drying out under the ice, I’ll also be there. Speaking of Lake Cerknica and the subsequent exhibition in Metropol… Thanks (to all seven of you) who showed up.

Anyway, I decided my Mark III featured below will be my backup body. So I bought a brand new (you probably don’t know it’s out there yet) Mark IV. 😀 Now, that’s an even bigger piece of machinery. Check it out.


2 thoughts on “Pushing The Shift into Overdrive

  1. Mark IV? I always knew you’re ahead of time. Ne pa ta fucking Novi Jork, ki je se sest ur za Slovenijo. 😉 In btw, tale Stirka premaga cist vsak gorilla coat na tem svetu. Ha!

  2. Ja, underground se vse dobi. 😀 Da me vidijo s tem, se me bodo ustrašli, ej, ne bo niti trotl kamerce pred mano več. Zmeraj prvi v vrsti. 😀

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