Saving The Sad Lake Exhibition

For the first time on exhibition, my largest and most important feature so far. The flagship of my “negotiations” with National Geographic, Wildlife Magazine, Getty and Corbis. Two years in the making and still not finished, due to new developments and incooperative nature.

Lake Cerknica, Europe’s largest intermittent lake is in fact dying. Pastures are being abandoned, it’s overgrowing with reed and turning into a swamp. When it was intact, it dried out once in seven years. Now it dries out three times a year, killing huge ammounts of fish. Over the years people themselves destroyed it. To save it, we need to intervene into this mistakingly pure natural process again. But problems are many, among them legislation and owners of the land, where anything could be done to preserve this natural wonder.

More about it at the opening. Metropol Caffe, Kersnikova 6, Ljubljana, Tuesday 22nd January at 19:00. The opening also features a lecture on what’s happening with the lake and how the fishermen are trying to save it.


3 thoughts on “Saving The Sad Lake Exhibition

  1. 😀 Ziher bodo še priložnosti, Barbi! Don’t worry!
    Hehe, no zdaj se ji bo na steni Metropola na 30x40cm pridružilo še 9 fotk iz reportaže. 😀

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