The “Ups & Downs” of The Golden Fox

Mostly in terms of moving. 😀 I’ll especially remember the “downs”. I got up by cable, then moved down to where the big fish (like I tend to call them when I see all the 300 mm f/2.8s they tag along) were. On saturday, after the first run, I went down on foot, because I wanted to take some pictures of the finish and the crowd from above. It turned out most of the people were gone, probably went indoors or listen to Natalija Verboten concert nearby. But the best part was the slope. The incline was a killer. I got my crampons on, so I didn’t slide all the way to the finish, but a 50% incline is not that easy when you have a Mark II N with a 24-70 around your neck and 16-35, 70-200, 300 f/4, a flash, 1.4 extender and all the little stuff around your waist.

It was a no brainer. I knew, I’ll be a happy puppy if I’m able to walk the next day. But I made a pledge. By no means am I walking down that slope again. Yeah, well, think again. The slalom race was placed a little lower so I was half way down that same slope when I found myself a position to shoot from. Today, I can hardly walk.

Anyway, here’s how things are handled. All photographers on the track must be in their spots an hour before the start of the race. Once it starts, you can’t move much. A little, yes, but more than a few meters is a call for the course manager to kick you off the track and take your accreditation. Another pretty nice situation is when it starts raining in the middle of the race and you’re up on the slope. Been there, done that – the first time I covered skiing. I still like ski jumping better. 😀

Anyway, it’s all there.

The action…

Sleepless night, I guess.



The disappointment


And of course, a lot of happiness…


7 thoughts on “The “Ups & Downs” of The Golden Fox

  1. The BEST!!! Sem jih ze na Dax-photo pregledala. Res so dobre. Ampak ves kaj, Natalija Verboten v blizini in niti ene fotke??!! What’s up whit that? I thought we were family. 😉

  2. 😀 Ja, pa saj imam tudi njene fotke, ampak mi nekako niso dobre. Ti pa nekaj povem. Po tekmi sem se zanalašč hotel z njo fotkat, da bi ti fotko poslal, ampak jo že ni bilo več. 😀

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