The Golden Fox Trophy All Set to Go

Two days to go and the Maribor’s FIS Ski World Cup Competition for the Golden Fox Trophy is all set, the organizers explained today on their last press conference before Friday’s draw and weekend’s slalom and giant slalom races. 30 teams. Some changes to the track. Bad weather expected, but nothing to worry about. Very hard snow. Live TV broadcasts from 13 countries, two of which broadcasting to Asia and the U.S. Print media from 15 countries… etc.

It’s big and like always I feel like I don’t belong, but that’s just normal. These people have been covering this competition for years, while I was mainly hiking up ski jumps instead. Now I’m here, I’m ready, even bought what I need for work on the track. If I get up there. Many of you don’t know, that there’s a FIS photographers priority list, and they of course are first in line. 40 photographers can take pictures on the track, if all of them arrive, others will simply stay at the finish. Ski jumping is basically the same, even if you do a huge feature on Planica the last time a record was broken. And I totally agree. Planica is not for the “small fish” (well, let’s face it, when you have a priority list – there will always be the big fish and the small fish). There are way too many photographers around and I guess most of the time, when it comes to sports events, it’s all fair.


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