A Look Back at Sicily

I can’t believe it’s been two years. But I needed to retrace my steps for a feature in a student magazine Element. Just one note: after using 1D MkIIN for over a year, I can’t believe how unsharp 10D photos seem to me. 😀

In days to come, I have a Traveler feature scheduled, a Slovenia Times feature about the Golden Fox Trophy, an exhibition in Ljubljana and a lot of work finishing old stuff and taxiing the new. Yap, I’m like the Heathrow Airport at the moment. My site has slowed down a bit due to all the writing tasks I have. And the Trio Adio seperated for a while. We’re gonna miss her! On the up side: she’s a correspondent now! We’ll be in frequent contact. Fortunatelly. If we weren’t some of us might go a little crazier than we are. And hey, not a lot of media sites have correspondents abroad. 😀


7 thoughts on “A Look Back at Sicily

  1. 😀 Jap, ljudje. Eni si upajo. Predvsem, če računaš, da je 10 minut po tem začela padati neka čudna sodra/sneg/led, da je šla vidljivost na skoraj nulo in da smo v petih minutah vsi morali z gore.

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