On Pins and Needles

Damn funny. The other day, people just wouldn’t go to sleep. Just before midnight, they even went to the city?! And the noise they were making!!! The world is coming to an end, I tell you. 😀

Ok, joke aside… Kranj is not a city. I keep forgetting that after I graduated. I guess I was a big nerd on a short-term memory. But I started cooperating with Slovenia Times and since I’m also back to writing, it’s something I shouldn’t forget. And anyway, this year is going to be A LOT about writing. If my plan works, I’ll finally finish my latest novel and turn two of my novels into screenplays in English. Stupid idiot – if I did it before I’d stand some chance now that screenwriters in the U.S. are on strike. But like I said before, I’m always late. I’ll even retire from work two years after I go belly up.

So, my last days were badly or back lit. In all respect. Even the fireworks went off into the clouds. 😀 The Grande Finale of 2007 was actually another chunk of Trio Adio great time. Me and Nina packed our bags and paid a visit to our best friend Barbi, P!nk worshipper and Natalija’s #1 fan. 🙂 A wrap up of the year was supposed to be two concerts in a row – a pre-new year party in Hrastnik and the 25th anniversary of Šank Rock in Velenje. In between: cuddling with Laika, eating buiscuits, pizza, talking in bed to about 2 a.m. …

But the concerts were quite a challange.  My room has more light than the concert in Hrastnik. 😀 I didn’t even dare to look at the photos until today, and I realised ‘well, maybe they are up to the standards of Dax Photo and I should publish them’. But I’m soooooo booked right now.

For a while there, we just stood in resignation at the sight of the lighting set-up.


Yeah, I asked the guy to help us out with some extra light. 😀


Somehow, this is the band that I always get good photos of.

By the time they finished their performance, we smelled of beer and smoke (so much for the anti-smoking law), but it was nice anyway, because … well, when Trio Adio is on the job, there’s nothing we can’t do or handle. 😉



The show in Velenje was very promissing. 12 scanners and just as many moving-heads in three floors over the stage. Twice as many as at the Jan Plestenjak gig in Kranj. Great, I thought. Well, think again. More is not neccessarily better. Not by far! The more scanners and especially moving-heads you have, the higher the possibility of light blinding you and your lens. When there’s just the right number of them, you don’t have any flare or light curtains over your images. Because none of them is shining towards you from the sides. This was different. It was too much. And it wouldn’t really be so bad, if there was more light aimed at the bands. But no.

The warmup band: Zablujena generacija

Šank Rock retro! 😀

Šank Rock & Rudi Bučar

The photo pit was hijacked by those two flames going off whenever the pyrotechnitians decided. (If you see me, don’t be scared. It’ll grow back.)

Šank Rock & Tinkara Kovač

A couple of easy women on stage and 6 Pack Čukur cuddles the singer? I guess it’s better, the women were packing a facade of make-up that crossed the line between pretty and ugly.

Back home and back to work. Slovenia Times, my exhibition, National Geographic Traveller and the feature of my life. I’m kind of pins and needles about this one. I’ve been waiting for this for two years, but it’s also pretty dangerous. This is the last thing I have to do and my biggest feature is done. But it’s gonna be hard earned. I’m either going to come back with some great shots or in an ambulance. No, better yet, I’m either going to come back with great shots or not come back at all. I’m ready.

But before I go, there’s some new year wishes I have to send. To the concert organizers in Slovenia, who find some relation to this : I hope you find even better ways of making your work intransparrent and of privatizing the accreditations. Oh, and keep up the ignorance. It’s good for the reputation. 😀


5 thoughts on “On Pins and Needles

  1. Hrastnik je moral bit potem se cel teden v temi, ker je slo prevec energije za luc za ta koncert. Hahaha. Good times!! Res! Sem pa se zmer jezna za namisljene Nemce!!!!! Grrrrrr …

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