Full-Time Fun

A week ago, I was pretty jumpy when thinking about a certain feature that basically required less clouds, fog and rain. And just as I set myself a date, the sun came out. Would be better if not so strong, though, but it’s ok. Two days of working so far and both of them were […]

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Pushing The Shift into Overdrive

Well, I’m up and running again, full speed, at cruising altitude, open sails, you name it. The first January overdrive is over, February is moving in, but I’m in the midst of a bit larger features again. I’m trying to fit a whole mountain into frame (so to speak) for National Geographic Traveler, although what I’d […]

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My Mark III

Spring’s rolling in. I can smell it. And it takes me back. Which normally means I’m not in a very sunny disposition, but hey, there’s not much real sun either. 😀 Anyway, I’m on a spending spree. Apart form a MacBook Pro and a new large display, I bought myself a Mark III. It’s some […]

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