Behind The Scenes

Just like in the movie/TV production business, where I also try to do my best, behind the scenes of National Geographic assignments can be fun aswell. Especially those for National Geographic Junior, since I’m just a big baby by nature. 😀 For the last issue, I was assigned to get some nice photos of kids having fun at an exhibition about forrests, their flora and fauna. And of course I take my time, but that means I will get quite interested, just like a child. I did stop myself from playing the video game, where you have to find the right fruit, but I just couldn’t miss the oportunity to look like an insect. So after taking pictures of kids putting on those mask, well here’s an insight of what the crazy photographer did. Just a little something the magazine doesn’t talk about. 😀


5 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes

  1. lol, zakon.Kva paj s ta desnim očesom na ta drugi sliki, a gaj en squashnu? :))) Vse tko profi zgleda, pol pa vidš očesa k so iz kuhne vzeta. lol

  2. 😀 Ja, saj je vse iz kuhne vzet. 😀 Same neke krtače pa tit roza rilc na ta prvi je tud ena vileda 😀 Tistga ta druzga je pa ziher en že prtegnu. Kdo pa še mara mrčes. 😀

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