The Schengen Expansion

Old news, but I’m kind of writing down events with some delay here. Can’t blame me. Or can you?

Anyway, the borders have fallen. Since I’m working for the mayor’s office in Kranj, on 21st his staff and I sat in the car and we drove to the Karavanke border, where we were supposed to meet the foreign ministers of Slovenia and Austria already on the Slovenian side of the border. Unfortunately, both of them were there way too early and since they were cold, they left for Austria without us. We got to the Austrian side on schedule, though, and I started doing what I could be doing better. A lot of people, a lot of press. Some familiar faces and a lot of Austrian press.

Hands up, or we’ll shoot!

From left: The mayor of Villach, Slovenian foreign minister, the mayor of Kranj and the mayor of Jesenice. 


The mayor of Kranj signed a pledge of friendship with the mayor of Villach and soon after, we were on our way back home. Half an hour after getting home, the whole office was at Brdo congress centre, and me taking pictures again. It was a busy day, but I guess I got something…


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