Pushing The Envelope

Before I even begin to reflect on today’s Schengen and local events, I have some old things to settle. Well, it’s not that old really. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, the other day I photographed a dance performance by Vita Osojnik and Mana. In my beloved Prešeren Theatre in Kranj, which is an overkill for any camera, let alone a flash and by all means don’t get me started what it does to my defected flasher (550EX of course). It’s like it’s eating the midtones completely. It’s just deep shadows and scorched highlights. What’s even better, the black stage sucks in so much light, that it’s almost impossible to use flash, because the damn thing has a very ambitious mind to overexpose the shadows. Jackass. But I like working without the cripple anyway. 🙂 Sure, if it’s a play and they’re not exactly kung-fu fighting. At ISO 800 you’re always on the edge and you wait for some real stills, so you wouldn’t have to push it up to the conditionally acceptable ISO 1600. But Mana was one of those examples where 800 just didn’t work.

Amazingly, I kind of defeated the black stage and actually got something out of it. But I did almost all of it at the rehearsal, not the show itself. I’m slowly getting used to being a nuissance. Stupid that after all the years and press cards and study and everything, one still feels a little awkward pulling that 70-200 up to the ear of the person sitting next you and fire a round from a 1D camera. 😀


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