Driving 500km to See The End

Since Slovenia works mostly on friendship and connections, it’s normal that I got the accrediation for Pink at her final concert in Schladming (not in Ljubljana, Slovenia), but this was even better. A unique opportunity, when she would open the Sound Slope at Planai before the concert.

Fans, some of the most interesting creatures on the planet. 🙂

The whole day was all about accreditations and planning ahead, so that none of us would miss or screw up anything. We drove the cable railway up over 1800m for the opening of the Sound slope, where loud speakers are placed all along the slope and skiers are able to choose the song they want to hear on their way down. Pink opened the slope along with the director of Planai ski slopes and the mayor of Schladming. 


The concert was great. She even performed the Heartbreaker, which she never does. Lighting was very good, but the only thing I didn’t like much was her black dress. Simply because I can’t rely on my camera to do proper readings and exposures. It always screws me over on situations that are a clear cut for me. And usually I was right, but I guess my camera works against me.

The great expectations…

The warmup band: Escuse Me Moses

Two songs, not three. And the naive belief of organizers that the people in the audience with point&shoot cameras (who take pictures the whole concert) are not publishing their photos and are not press. Think again, at least 4 or 5 press photographers were front line, when they find out they’re not among the lucky few who got the photo pass for the pit and first two songs. Which makes me question the whole profession of photojournalism and suspect that once again I’m on a sinking ship.


So this unique chance, 250 km away from home, went by perfectly at the end, except for the meeting with Pink. Unexpected problems deprived us of a little more hanging out with Pink at the Sound slope, but there was a photocall. And some extremely stupid questions from the press (damn, people are really getting dumber by the minute).

The concert at Planai Stadium was the last in her long I’m not dead tour. And she was gone before her band even finished the last song. There’s a lot of people to thank for this 2007 highlight, but in the end it’s only ourselves we can thank for the photos we get. And I’m not thanking myself. Rather thinking it all over. If Pink saw what I did in those two songs, she’d probably do this:



2 thoughts on “Driving 500km to See The End

  1. 😀 Ne, joka, ker je slišala tista neumna novinarska vprašanja. Saj ob tistem bi se po moje vsak zjokal. Še meni je šlo na jok, pa sem se zadržal 😀

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