Freezing My Ass Off for 50 Cent

Well, it’s my fault anyway. I don’t listen to hip-hop, but it was one of the entertainment highlights of this year so why not. It needs to be seen, especially because so few people actually believed 50 Cent and G-Unit will really come to Slovenia.

Frankly speaking, when we stood there, freezing our asses of for three hours, at half past midnight, I started to believe this was the biggest hoax of the year. My thoughts went back to the Chech shopping mall and Wag the dog and other scams.

But in that below zero temperatures my mind kind of stopped working, because obviously hypothermia kicked in and the only thing I could think of was what it’ll be like living without my toes when they cut them off all black from frostbite.

Photo by: Nina Blaž

After three hours of establishing my position among the photographers and studying the angle, end especially when I started freezing onto the pavement, we were rushed into a paddock. This is my “favorite” part, because we actually look and feel like livestock being contained.

The other very typical situation is that the “stable” almost always has the best view of the action. NOT! Even an idiot would immediately notice that this time we will be facing 50 Cent’s back. But that’s just not enough in my world. As you know, limos are not very high. You can easily see over the roof. Three limos arrived and one large van. The kind you can’t possibly see over the roof. And guess where 50 Cent was. You got it! In the van! So not only we got his back, but most of the photographers were blocked by that van.


Oh, yeah, this one takes the cake.

In the bar, things were somehow better, although I really need to get used to passive pot smoking. 1600 ISO (again, yes) and 200mm was a must. But only after my lens warmed up. The condensation was so persistant, I was fighting it off for more than 10 minutes, while everybody else was already up and running.


Now, THIS is a World Press Photo! … What, can’t you see?

All in all we got something, against all odds. But it was a battle. 😀


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