Well, Qlandia shopping centre opened in Kranj. No, I guess it’s not enough to have dozens of big stores and a shopping centre already in a large shopping “town” just a few minutes away.

But anyway, it’s my town, I have to photograph this. Nina dialed some numbers, used her woman charm and got us to the VIP opening that was practically off limits to reporters. A phonecall in front of the gates, and the security let us in. Very nice. Good food, great juice, nice program, lots of VIP’s.

Now that I know there were two sets of feet under the piano, I look a t this photo quite differently. 🙂 (Just joking, of course)

My new TV. 103″ plasma.

The next day, it was time for the public opening. Star of the day was the huge cake. But even though the morning was reserved for kids, old people charged it like a pack of wolves. It literally looked as if they haven’t eaten in three months. Basically, it was like an African food distribution camp. And even that situation displays more consideration, patience and order. For these 60-onwards it’s anarchy all the way. I was front line and felt remarkably like the time I got the strength of my ribs tested in the wrestling at a Pink concert. Hell, they pushed so hard towards that damn cake, they moved the whole table, and later – supposedly – they even flipped the cake. Crazy, I tell you.

The fight for food.

I got my diploma for a photo at an exbition we opened in the afternoon, where they also showed my slideshow about the protests. The questionalble photo of our president (that’s also published here, but here it is explained) raised the most laughs. In the evening me and Nina returned to Qlandia to shoot the fireworks.

Well, not all of it fired and due to low pressure a lot of it was invisible through the clouds, but the nice part is that Nina would do anything for a shot. She needed a better angle, so guess what she did. She ran onto a freshly fertilized field. … 🙂 Imagine how fast I was going later, when I had to drive her home. 

In reality, I even stopped at a green light. Why? Because once you got enough beers in your bladder, you don’t see colours. No, it wasn’t me, but it was the driver in front of us. Actually, he exited the car to water the sidewalk at a red light, but try convincing the beer hydrant that it should stop before the light turns green. Well, it was open all the way through green aswell. No comment. 


2 thoughts on “Q

  1. Pa ravn penzjonerji k tortam hitijo … ko imajo pa ze tako polne riti vsega! Namesto da bi mulariji prepustili ta del cukra … katerga takoalitako sami ne smejo jesti 🙂

  2. Ne vpraš. Skor so me pomendrali. Pa da ne omenjam, da je to povsod, kjer je zastonj hrana. Ko so na kostanjevem pikniku baje hodili po repete in je zmanjkalo pribora, so z rokami jedli samo zato, da so dobili še en kos.

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