Bad Sunday

Well, it wasn’t so bad. 🙂 Actually, I photographed the World Freefight Challenge Bad Sunday in Domžale. While all of the photos are on, here are just a few. The ones that deserve a comment. 😉

When Špelca was still with Atomik Harmonik my main objective as a concert photographer was to get her to look at me during her performance. Well, it didn’t happen. She had to leave the group first, and ironically, I got that look at a freefighting event.

Makes you wonder what they’re doing.

Can you guess where he’s from?

I usually smile when I win. Others like to scream their guts out. 🙂

When she tells you to wash the dishes… You better wash the dishes.

Well, if his grip doesn’t knock him out, his smelly feet will.

“Come here, man, don’t cry…”

Sweat all over the place.

It’s amazing how few blows actually hit the opponent.

Now, that must’ve hurt…


6 thoughts on “Bad Sunday

  1. Hahaha, res dobri komentarji. Tazadnja je super: “Ej, ti stari! Dons pa nisi Malizie uporabu? … Kaksen moski pa si, ce je ne uporabljas?!”

    “When she tells you to wash the dishes… You better wash the dishes.” Sam to bom rekla – vesela sem, da ni moja mama. 😀

  2. 😀 Sam res! To bi bla dobra reklama 😀

    Halo! Jaz ne bi bil ravno navdušen nad tem, da se gre moja mat tajski boks, pa tudi če bi med borbo izgledala kot angelček. 😀

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