Front Covers

Damn covers, it’s like I have a thousand photos in my library, but not one good cover photo for each month. Again, no November front cover for the Fisherman magazine. So I packed my stuff yesterday and went out freezing into the wind. At the end of the day, my physical functions were as slow as my shutter speeds.

Today, I spent a whole day filling out the entry form for World Press Photo. Why? Because I don’t have the right Acrobat and I couldn’t save my changes. So I had to do it all today and print it. Much ado about nothing. I’ll probably win – from the back end up.  But let’s just say I’m used to being ignored and I guess they can’t do less than that, except if my CD never reaches them. 🙂

My eyebrow started twitching when I saw the warm sun outside… So I got my ass of this chair…

Strongest cocoa ever, and I put an overdose of sugar in it… THAT’s what I call sugar high.

Call FBI, we found Jimmy Hoffa!


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