The Kung Fu Rally Mama

Oh, hell, I don’t have time for a better title.

This week’s been all about the accreditations. Some of us can have a masters degree in journalism and won’t get them. I like to think it’s because I am the harvenger of disaster and bad luck, which is why all living things on earth avoid me. But it’s more likely the fact that most of accreditations are reserved for the real professionals – the kind that buy beer every friday night, get drunk and can keep dirty secrets. 🙂

Friday night in my vocabulary stands for mud fights, wet pants and a lot of noise. 🙂 I know what you’re thinking, but hold the presses, because here some extra info. Let me add fog, puddles, rain, and beating up a 550EX Canon flash. The Ilirija Stadium in Ljubljana was the first leg of this year’s Hella Rally. The press took center stage, which simply meant that after the start of the race, you’re stuck in the middle of the stadium, protected by a circle of mud and roaring Yugos. Well, no biggie… if it didn’t start raining five minutes after we got there.

See him go!

All in a day’s work… Conditions were perfect – for a horror movie. The dark sky descended. Clouds so low, I had my fog lights on to avoid tripping over a fellow photographer or one of them crashing their expensive toys into my thick head. 🙂 Party! In an hour I was wet and cold and… well, feeling like a dressed up happy newborn with a 1D series Canon camera.


It was obvious I will have to use my greatest enemy – the 550EX flash. (I really need a name for this asshole… hm….) But to my suspicious amazement, it worked fine. I had to bang my head twice into the ground to see if I’m not dreaming. I wasn’t, and bytheway: mud tastes awful. Anyway, my flash just looooved all those damn Yugos. But since all good things come to an end… You know what follows. 🙂 Well, not exactly. Because sometimes all good things just take a break. Well, my flashy friend took a breather when the best four racers entered the stadium. Decided ‘what’s the hury’ and started charging at the speed of continents moving. So I had to bow down and just let him do his thing. I fired when he was ready. Waited. Missed a lot of shots. And in the last lap of the last racer, he blessed me with one more shot. I fired, got it, and expected another slow charge, but the damn thing now charged in about 2 seconds. And then again. And again. And it was actually working perfectly for another 2 hours of photographing a birthday party. What the hell?!?!? Are you messing with me?

The next day, I was in Čemšenik. Fog and cold. Got up to the curve and risked being ran over, since it wouldn’t have been the first time a car crashed out right where I was standing. Great! The whole day was about driving through this part of Slovenia, and finally ending up visiting Slovenia’s not yet completely discovered talent and her not anymore farting dog. 🙂

Raced home (yeah, I was in the rally spirit), threw something into my pit, then back to Ljubljana to see some kung fu action. The Wudang Kung Fu Masters Spectacle. Skill wise, I have to say, I’d cut off a lot more than one of my fingers if I ever tried to perform any of those stunts. Photography wise, sidelamps were white, front ones were yellow. Do the math. White balance for this combination is simply non-existant. As a preset of course. In raw, you must manually change colour temperature and you’re done. Try doing that on some 80 photos. Oh, and enjoy watching a very beautiful hot pixel on all of them.

Sunday. The end of the rally. Veni, vidi, vici, and ciao ragazzi. I wasn’t really in the mood.

Monday. After a whole day of resizing and posting images from previous days, I ended up in KUD France Prešeren to photograph the concert accompanying the release of Big Foot Mama’s new album. Quickly learned about all my handicaps, not to mention the 550EX Vs Dax death match, and at about midnight concluded the weekend marathon. Saw some nice photos Nina made when she couldn’t do much with her equipment and from where she was standing. Well, yes, there was like an army of photographers, who all cramped up in the front row during the first two songs of the concert…

Just when I thought I was out of the fog…

Gušti & Polona, one of many guests.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me…

 And thus I am slowing down onto the slow lane. Don’t know for how long. Until something I feel is important comes up. 🙂 And I’m talking about Dax Photo right now, not National Geographic. Those projects are still running.


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