That’s How: Ana Desetnica 2017

Let’s justify the title of this blog by describing what it’s really like photographing the annual Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival in Ljubljana. People seem interested in how we do it. For various reasons ranging from how we handle the weather, how we handle the crowds and how we catch the right moment. Well […]

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So Many Questions

So for a Slovenian the grass is always greener on the other side, ha? Is that what we’re implementing in our work now? Generally, systematically, institutionalized? Is that what we should all have in our resumes as a precondition to being respected and valued? Should we all just start dropping high flying names of countries […]

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Še sam ne morem čisto verjeti, da po štirih letih priprav, osmišljanja, zorenja ideje, opogumljanja, končno začenjam svoj osebni megaprojekt. Mogoče je s fotografijo povezan le bežno in morebiti nikoli ne bo stopil pred javnost. Ni nekega finančnega vložka, vendar tudi zaslužka ne. So pa lahko druge koristi, spremembe, a žal tudi posledice. Verjetno je […]

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Photomarathon 2016

I like challenges (not so much when it’s too much at stake, though, but I do), so the idea of participating in a photomarathon was really appealing to me. Not because of twelve hours of photographing (I’ve had longer marathons on assignments), but because I didn’t know the themes beforehand. It was an excercise in […]

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Facing The Street and Making New Friends

In July, the Apis Institute organized another digital storytelling workshop for youth workers from around Europe designed to provide them with new tools of empowerment of vulnerable groups – by telling their stories through video and photo stories. Facing the Street training was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this time. We had participants from eight countries. […]

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