The Astronaut

After over 20 years of photography, I often ask myself if my work has any significance. And the answer is complicated. I realized most of what we do as photographers is take pictures of carefully managed performances, whether it’s an event, a meeting, whatever. And even if we stumble on a more down to life […]

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There was a moment in the cab on my way from Dulles to the hotel in Washington when it hit me: “I’m here. I’m actually here.” Like all great events and achievements in my life, this three-week adventure also started on the number 21. I arrived in Washington, DC, on January 20th and the next […]


Best of 2017

I hate reflecting on a year. But I guess it has its benefits. This year it’s mostly about trying to find an overall positive assessment. And I don’t believe our year only reflects in our work. I know it sounds like a pathetic excuse for not having anything to show, but that’s not the case. […]

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Visa pour l’Image 2017

Visa pour l’Image, probably the most important festival of photojournalism in the world takes place in the first two weeks of September in Perpignan, France, right next door to Spain’s Girona. It’s a gathering of photojournalists, editors, photography enthusiasts and the public. It begins with a professional week, but the exhibitions are on display for […]

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That’s How: Ana Desetnica 2017

Let’s justify the title of this blog by describing what it’s really like photographing the annual Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival in Ljubljana. People seem interested in how we do it. For various reasons ranging from how we handle the weather, how we handle the crowds and how we catch the right moment. Well […]

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