In Slovenia, it’s been a long year of high achievements. We excelled in sports, presiding the EU, COVID-19 infections numbers, media freedom, vaccination rates, brainpower, rule of law and democracy. And sarcasm. 😉 Let’s just agree on sports. For me it was a year marked with more hiking than in an avarage Lord of the […]




So, 2020, ha? I don’t really want to talk about it, but one of my new year’s resolutions was to finally slow down and start writing more, so here I am, writing an overview of the year that we all want to forget. And 2020 was a year when all my rants about egotism, relativism, […]

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It’s been almost 25 years since I started working as a photojournalist and I’ve seen it change. A lot. For the worse. I’ve seen it diminish, degrade, lose value and importance. I’ve been sinking with this ship for years, despite some brushes with the big international cruisers, and the fall of photojournalism is an underlying […]

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I’m getting used to writing (including such end-of-the-year posts) purely for myself, much less for an audience I don’t really have. 😀 I guess it’s all training for a project that will begin soon. Which is why I’ll be brief. 2018 was great. Health issues aside, it was one of the best on the record. […]

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The Astronaut

After over 20 years of photography, I often ask myself if my work has any significance. And the answer is complicated. I realized most of what we do as photographers is take pictures of carefully managed performances, whether it’s an event, a meeting, whatever. And even if we stumble on a more down to life […]

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